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03rd October 2022
Archive updated

25th September 2022
Projects & Wiki added to Navbar

10th May 2022
Character Pages "Cleo" & "Maya" unlocked

13th March 2022
Archive updated
Universe Selector removed from Character Overview
Character Pages "AutoImp" & "Tia" unlocked

05th February 2021
Archive updated
About page updated

15th January 2021
Multiple Character pages unlocked
About page updated

02nd January 2021
Character Pages "Ember" & "Ruth" unlocked
Universe Selector added to Character Overview

30th December 2020
Landing Page Artwork by Aniaku added

22nd December 2020
Cursor visibility improved
Two pages for a personal Twine story added
Archive updated

20th December 2020
Archive updated

15th December 2020
Start of Changelog
Social Links added to "About" page

15th June 2020
Website officially launched via Neocities

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