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Name Ludwig
Species Human
Age 61
Height 5'90 / 180cm
Body Stout
Type Lawful Evil

Origin Tinkertown
Faction Air Alliance
Class Engineer

As the leader of the defense forces of Tinkertown it was Ludwig's job to protect its citizens from Scavengers and Creatures that come from the barren wasteland that lies in the south of it. In an attempt to prepare the city for an expanding group of raiders, he suggested an arms race to assert dominance over the region. This idea was ultimately to denied by his brother Otis who wanted the city to focus on medical advancements rather than war machinery. This caused a disgruntled Ludwig and a group of loyalists to focus their work on a flying Fotress that would provide a safe place for the citizens of Tinkertown.
Once Otis got wind of the plans for this war driven machinery he intervened and denounced the leadership of his brother. Filled with hatred and anger, Ludwig declared a war on his own blood and bombed Tinkertown. With his loyalists he fled from the collapsing city and founded his own state within the clouds - The Airship Alliance.

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Airships Weaklings
Loyalists Magic Users
War Machines His Past
Cannons His Brother

Helmet #abaaa6
Monocle #af852e
Skin #e1c6c2
Scar #fce6e3
Beard #e1e1e1
Pipe #663d3d
Uniform #d08f44
Cloak #3b3b3b
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