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Name Ember
Species Elemental Elf
Age 37
Height 6'00 / 185cm
Body Lanky
Type Lawful Neutral

Origin Unknown
Faction Elemental Elves
Class Mage

Ember, short for
Ehrendil Maelandoral Belthyl Elenora-Raegwyn is a posh aristocrat who also bears the burden of being the last descent of the royal protectors of the elemental plane - The Elemental Elves. He loves to throw fancy gatherings with the high society at his elegant manor and cares more about his chic style than the destiny that he was born into fulfilling.

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Beard Oil Dirt
Flowers Peasants
Poetry Scary Creatures
Beards Pressure

Hair #ffe95b
Eyes #f4a34f
Skin #c38f6e
Plates #ffb404
Top #ffffff
Suit #dc9202
Jewellery #ff5521
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