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Name Otis
Species Human
Age 67
Height 5'58 / 170cm
Body Obese
Type Chaotic Good

Origin Tinkertown
Faction N/A
Class Engineer

As one of the great inventors of Tinkertown he had all the ambitions to make the city a great place of progress.
This sentiment wasn't shared by his Brother Ludwig who acted weary of the threat that lies in the south and wanted the best scientists to focus on an arms race rather than medical advancements. In a coup, Ludwig ambushed his brother and bombed his entire laboratory and large parts of the medical factory. This event is known as The Collapse and caused Tinkertown to end up in ruins.
The sentient inventions which survived
The Collapse saved his life and restored him to full functionality by replacing his brain with a delicate clockwork system. Now living with his mechanical contraptions in a small hut within the huge junkyard that is the remains of Tinkertown, he is usually being referred to as "The one who speaks to the Machines".

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Tinkering His Brother
His Wrench Magic
Oil High Places
Inventing Missing Screws

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Tooth #af852e
Beard #e1e1e1
Tank Top #f5e58f
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